Pepper Winters (writing as Tess Hunter) is publishing my favorite genre – Rom-Com!


I’ve been mulling over this post for a few days, and thought I wouldn’t bother writing it as I know in my heart, I’m not. However, I can see how, to some, it might look like I did a great big post a few months ago about staying true to my brand and not diluting it with other books that don’t fit into the Dark Romance banner and then whoopsy daisy, I go and publish a Romantic Comedy.

Hypocrite, right?

And I would agree with you, unless things in August didn’t somehow rearrange my genetic make-up. You see, before August 2016, I hadn’t stared death right in its face. Sure, I’ve had grandparents die, childhood pets, and other family illness that could’ve taken away my mother. However, for some reason, I was able to keep the total badness out and remain in my ‘light, untouched world…

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