A letter to Emma Chase (and a review of Appealed)

Emma Chase is legend! I can’t wait to read this!


Dear Emma Chase,

I’d like to ask you a favor. Please hear me out before you decline.

Can you stop writing such swoon worthy men? Can you stop creating these perfect specimens that are equal parts sexy, funny, smart, and did I mention SEXY??!?!?

My poor boyfriend can’t live up to these delicious men you’ve created. He’s starting to get jealous. What’s even worse is I thought I knew who I loved the most. Drew was always number one, but then came Jake, and there’s Stanton, and Matt. And now you throw in the insanely amazing Brent and a girl is just so confused!!!

It’s really not fair. I am going to wind up single with nothing but your fictional men to keep me company.


Girl who can’t choose who she loves the most (And totally kidding. Don’t you EVER stop writing),



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